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We Do Your Dirty Work

  Did you know that the average dog parent can spend around 800 minutes a year picking up their pups poop in the yard?!

Scoopers of Poopers was founded in 2020 for the convenience of dog parents who want to use their spare time doing 

anything other than picking up their dogs poop!

Nothing is worse than coming home from a long day at work.. just to work again!  

Or getting ready for a backyard BBQ just to remember that you forgot to pick up the dog poop…

Kids going in the back to play ball? Don’t forget to pick up the poop first!

Scoopers of Poopers offers reliable and affordable services for 25+ Long Island towns. 

Set up weekly service with us to make your week stink a little less. 

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7 Days


Proud Partner of Suburban Pets


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